5 Pool Maintenance Tips to Remember

Summers in Texas are a wonderful time to spend outside and enjoy the beautiful weather with friends and family. With average temperatures reaching upwards of 82° F, most of that time can be found being spent together around the pool. From hosting weekend parties to relaxing in the water during those hot afternoons, inground pools become a place for many to enjoy. While these elements are major reasons to invest in a pool, an area of pool ownership that is usually overlooked involves upkeep & maintenance. If your inground pool is not routinely looked after properly, your backyard oasis can become a breeding ground for algae, dirty water, and overall unappealing space.

As an inground pool owner, it’s important to protect your pool and maintain it for a more enjoyable season. Below, we’ve listed 5 maintenance tips to remember for those first-time pool openers or long-term owners.

Pool Skimming & Washing: Skimming leaves and debris off the top of your pool’s water is important to keep your surface clean. Another thing to consider is the bottom of your pool as well. If left unchecked, dirt and other foreign objects can build up along the walls and bottom of a pool causing the growth of algae and bacteria. The hardscaping around your pool should also be power washed to rid any embedded dirt or debris from your surface.

Clean Out the Filter System: Your pool’s filter system keeps unwanted impurities away from your water, like dirt and leaves. Over time, this filter can become full and should be emptied & cleaned once a week. It’s also important to run your water pipes to rid your filter of waste until clear water comes through. This process known as backwashing is recommended to be done once a month.

Maintain Consistent Water & Chemical Levels: Pools require a delicate balance of chlorine to the water. To remain clean and safe for the swimmers, a pool water pH level should reach between 7.4 to 7.7. An improper high balance of this level can cause irritation to the skin & eyes, while a low balance can provide bacteria a place to grow and build up. In order to determine the right levels, it’s recommended to purchase testing kits and test at least 4 hours after use.

Shock Your Pool: After a lot of use, the water in your pool contains a variety of bacteria and chemicals that small levels of chlorine cannot clean. The process of shocking a pool begins with increasing the amount of chlorine in your system by 3 to 5x. After the chlorine runs through your system, you can return the levels back to normal (but avoid swimming up to 24 hours after the shock). This is recommended at least two to three times a season.

Schedule an Annual Service: Lastly, it's important to turn to an expert on pool systems. Getting an extra pair of eyes on equipment, pumps, filters, and pH levels will save you from further issues in the long run.

While pool maintenance does require a fair amount of work, it’s important to undertake to ensure your pool is safe and beautiful throughout the season. By setting a regular cleaning routine and following the above inground pool maintenance tips, you’ll be able to enjoy your time poolside with more peace of mind. If you are considering adding a custom pool to your outdoor space or you’d like to schedule a pool service, please feel free to contact Nelson Pools today! Our swimming pool contractors are proud to serve homeowners throughout Kingwood, Humble, Spring, Conroe & Porter, TX.